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Kate McClure told Judge Leary the kids WERE being sexually abused in the Grandparent’s home. Atty. Kate McClure answered him with “Neglect in the Future. DCYF Atty. Kate McClure informed the Grandmother “not with sexual molestation occurring in your house.

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Kate McClure informed Judge Leary the children WERE being sexually abused in the Grandparent’s home. Atty. Kate McClure responded to him with “Disregard in the Future. DCYF Atty. Kate McClure advised the Grandmother “not with erotic molestation going on in your own home.” The Grandmother asked her what she was talking about and informed her no such thing ever took place at HER house. The Mother’s court docket appointed Atty. On 9/26/05, at the Preliminary hearing in District Court, DCYF Atty. She acquired her last dosage on 3/29/06, the morning of her review hearing. The next morning they gave a healthcare facility paperwork to DCYF Diagnosis worker Tracy Roukie. Before the newborn was used, a family member called DCYF and spoke to Nashua Supervisor Tracey Gubbin’s asking for the newborn be located in his home. On the ability to hear the Judge couldn’t work out how the new Mom could be billed with maltreatment or neglect, since she never took her baby home from the hospital.

On 12/7/05, the Dispositional ability to hear was held. On 10/31/05,05 the Adjudicatory reading was held. They were then refused an Administrative appeal’s ability to hear. He then reportedly started exhibiting very violent tendencies. Methadone when she began detoxing and was down to 9 mgs. The new caseworker started out it and advised the grandparent’s she wished XXXXXX placed with them. In a matter of fifteen minutes, DCYF and four Police officers were at the Grandparent’s house. The new Mother discovered that DCYF provided the court docket with another man’s name, not the father’s name. He has since been put on Adderall for ADHD, which he was tested for in Nashua before he was considered and found NOT to have. She was a recovering addict, on Methadone, since the day she discovered she was pregnant. The brand new Mom was court-ordered OUT of Methadone treatment in order to regain guardianship of her child, which is both illegitimate and discriminatory. Kris Geno’s call log’s also demonstrate the doses were heading down, per the Methadone Medical center. CPSW Kris Geno told the new Mom not to get started on detoxing on her behalf own as it would be too dangerous and guaranteed she’d get her into Medical detox after being accepted by Odyssey.

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CPSW Anna Salvatore told his mother if she didn’t sign for him to be put in Anna Philbrook Psychiatric Medical center, the Judge would court docket order it and she would lose all her protection under the law. She was informed a similar thing as the new Mother (her sister)was told. The Nurse argued with her and told her she was hallucinating, that WAS her baby. In her circumstance, her pituitary gland hemorrhaged in labor due to the natural birth of a placenta previa baby. A fictitious man’s right’s were terminated as the father of the baby. Judge Leary purchased foster positioning for the newborn, without services to prevent placement as mandated by Status and Federal Law. Tucker who informed her DCYF didn’t want the new Mom around her niece and nephew even though Judge Leary knew she lived in the grandparent’s home. Judge Leary told the new Mom to bring in the evidence so when she does, he refused to admit it into evidence. There is NO evidence of any kind of mistreatment. On 9/21/05, DCYF Analysis employee Melissa Deane filed paperwork with the Nashua Region Court for maltreatment and neglect up against the new Mom, who never even got to take her little princess home from a healthcare facility.

Her daughter was born 8/31/05, healthy and of normal birth weight. She informed the hospital staff she sought her daughter transferred to St. Joseph’s Medical center and was threatened with being caught if she tried to transfer her. The newspaper was authorized by; Constance Levesque, RN; Margaret Speidel, RN; Laura Parkinson, RN And the hospital Social Employee, Kathy Lizotte. In Feb. 06, the new Mother’s prenatal files and clinic record’s finally surfaced. The two children’s Mother’s information from the night the children were considered were also absent. The Mother’s protection under the law were terminated by Judge Raymond Cloutier in June of 2008. ALL Status witnesses testified that the little boy wished to live with his grandparents. Janice Watson from Healthy Steps testified for the state. The Grandmother published many letters, all around the Talk about of NH as well as from coast to coast. The Administrator of the Aministrative Appeals unit, John Dabuliewicz informed the Grandmother they don’t do appeals for individuals denied position, but that isn’t what the foster care and attention book’s state.

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Then she returned with, “Why isn’t XXXXX deceased? She was stalked for weekly by DCYF, who reported back to her husband. She was also told to move from the new apartment she shared with her man. Her parent’s bailed her out on or around 2/2/06 due to the need for immediate health care. The grandmother was denied a foster good care certificate also, on the assumption she would not cooperate with DCYF. He also told the Grandmother that if she experienced informed DCYF what they wanted to notice, she would have got guardianship of her granddaughter. Then she still left DCYF. Kris Geno still left the courtroom and spoke to the foster stranger’s. They refused. Maggie Bishop advised the Grandmother she should have left her daughter in jail to die, proclaiming if it were her child, that’s exactly what she’d did. On 1/25/06 the new Mother was arrested on the warrant for charges from 9/29/05, after burning off custody of her child. Diane Griffith filed a Action with the court on 9/19/06 to really have the neglect charges be dismissed and the new research be admitted into judge. Her puppet also refused to document a motion to have the charges dismissed.